“If you only will obey me, you will have plenty to eat.” (Isaiah 1:19) NLT—God is out for our good. He wants the best for us. His desire is to pour out His blessing upon us. But we have a responsibility in order to receive  the best that God has…We must obey. We want our children to obey us. Think about how you feel when your child(ren) doesn’t obey. This what our Lord and Savior feels when we  don’t obey him.

I received this package in the mail from a ministry that I’m in tune to daily. Very excited to get the package! I couldn’t wait to open the CD to listen to it in my car. I put it in the player and was all in the moment. Having myself an Amen time! (Me and the Lord)  Well wouldn’t you know, God spoke to me, and asked me to give the CD to a specific person. So here I am, being me in the natural,”Okay, Really Lord, I just got it!” Then I heard, “As  a matter of fact, you are not going to listen to the two CDs or watch the DVD.” After I had my moment, I said, “Okay.”

The next day I went to work and text a co-worker to ask if the individual was able to come to my classroom.  She arrived, sat down and began talking about the struggles she is having at home. Then I gave her the CD/DVD. She was in AWE and said, ” You know I just started a fast today, and I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got home that would allow me to stay focused on God. But this is it! I know God told you to do this because it’s what I’m in need of for my fast!”

 I smiled and said, ” You will receive double in return, be blessed!” 

Your are probably feeling right now in your spirit that God is asking you to do something, go somewhere, help somebody, give to someone, or get rid of a relationship that does not honor Him. What are you waiting for? God is out for your good. All you have to do is obey him and you will not lack in any good thing. We must do our part! If this is hard or difficult, ask the Lord today to give you an obedient heart. Pray and ask Him what adjustments do you need to make in your life, so that everything is pleasing to Him? And when God downloads something in your spirit do it immediately! Don’t wait, because the enemy will come to kill, steal and destroy what God has descended from heaven.

Act NOW in the power of obedience, and you will have plenty to eat!