Like an eagle that rouses her chicks and hovers over her young, so he spread his wings to take them up and carried them safely on his pinions. (Deuteronomy 32:11) — Moses sang about God as an eagle stirring up her chicks. God will carry you, but first He is going to stir you up. 

Many are afraid to make changes in their life. I’ve come to understand when God is about to do something new in my life, He stirs things in me and around me. He allows me to become uneasy, uncomfortable, and even frustrated with things that are apart of my life. Each time I have made a move in ministry and career, God placed an uneasiness in my spirit. He began to stir things up so that I would make a move. I’m sharing this with you because I don’t want you to think about feelings of uneasiness, frustrations, or bad breaks as emotions to bring you down. In fact it is to move you to a new level in life. God is stirring all that up because He is about to take you to a higher level. Stay in faith. I know getting stirred up is not easy. It wasn’t easy for me. However if you don’t move, sometimes God has to do a significant amount of “rousing” before you are ready to make the changes He wants you to make. Pay attention and keep your eyes on God, not on frustrations.

God desires that you live a blessed life, so let go and let God carry out His plan for your life. Remember His promises are Yes and Amen! ~ REVDSC