For those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life (John 4:14). ~ When you make Jesus your Lord and Savior, He puts within you an eternal spring that will never run dry. The word refers to it as a “bubbling spring” of life on the inside, and if you allow it, it will change you. When your life on the inside gets stirred up, it’ll make a difference in the way you talk, the way you approach people, how others receive you, and how you give.

But you must be mindful that this bubbling spring is not making the enemy happy. He doesn’t want your joy, happiness, or laughter to flow freely. He knows that your river of life is going to draw others to Jesus. So he comes along and tries to throw stones in your spring; worry, doubt, hurt, sickness, poverty. You know you have allowed the enemy to throw stones when somebody cut you off in traffic and you get into a rage, you experience self-pity, or you’re complaining about something you have no control over. So instead of a bubbling spring of water flowing out of you, there’s bitterness, anger, frustration and negativity.

Today is the day you must decide what you are going to allow to flow freely in your spring. Give the stones to Jesus and let him fill you with His joy and peace that will flow freely from within, and you’ll be refreshing to others.

Remember His Promises are Yes and Amen ~ REVDSC