“And walk in love, (esteeming and delighting in one another) as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us…” (Ephesians 5:2,AMP) ~You may not always agree with everyone around you, because of the way they act or respond to you. I have often found myself with individuals that I literally have to pray to God on point, and ask Him to help me love this person.

God says we are to walk in love at all times. We value things that we have paid a lot of money for; jewelry etc. When we value an item we don’t just lay it down anywhere. We treat it carefully by putting it in a safe place to protect it. When we begin to walk in love and value one another, we begin to see them as God sees them. We treat them carefully as well. We monitor how we talk to other people and look for the good in them as God has made them to be. The Bible tells us that the way we treat others is like sowing seeds, and it will come back to us. Choose to esteem and delight in on another today, then you will see a harvest of blessings in your own life in return!