In 2 Kings 4:38-44, Elisha continues to work miracles that are similar to Jesus’ miracles. In the first miracle, Elisha cures the poison in a stew that was made for the prophets. The second miracle consists of Elisha multiplying 20 loaves of barley bread so that it became more than enough to feed 100 men. These miracles are another example of God using Elisha to meet the needs of others. Chances are you’ve had some “poisoned stew” in your life that God has brought healing to. Maybe it was something physical or something internal within your heart or in your mind. Maybe you have something poisonous in your life right now that you can’t remove on your own and it can only be removed by the power of God. Just like He did with something simple like stew, God can remove any and all poison out of your life and make you new and healthy once again. What poison has God healed your life from? What poison might you need God to heal out of your life right now?