In 2 Kings 6:8-23, the Aramean king attempts to capture Elisha because he is the one responsible for Israel’s victories over Aram. Each time the king tries to attack Israel, Elisha supernaturally warns the king of Israel and foils his plans. When Elisha’s assistant hears of the Aramean king’s attempt to capture Elisha, he grows afraid until Elisha asks God to open his assistant’s eyes so he can see the armies of Heaven that are on their side. Seeing how close and mighty God’s power is gives Elisha’s assistant the confidence he needs to go forward. 
There are times in our lives when we are much like Elisha’s assistant; our eyes have been blinded to something we need to see and the fact we can’t see it adds to our despair. Perhaps your eyes have been blinded to the fact that you have an addiction or a relationship that is falling apart. Perhaps you have been blinded to the fact that you are not living fully devoted to God and follow Him only when convenient or when you are at church. Maybe you’ve been blinded to the fact that you are not the person God called you to be and instead have become content in your own complacency. No matter what you have been blinded to, God can open your eyes to help you see the truth. All you have to do is ask Him and open yourself up to allow Him to open your eyes. What do you think your eyes might be blinded to that you need to see? What steps will you take to open your eyes?