The servant watched her in silence, wondering whether or not the Lord had given him success in his mission (Genesis 24:21)

We all have times when we’ve prayed to the Lord for success. Then we go after it in faith and obedience. This servant did exactly what he was instructed and as it was unfolding right before his eyes, he wondered, he thought about if the Lord had given him success. 

What I like about this servant is that he wanted to make sure he was in the Lord’s will. He didn’t want to act to swiftly. I believe as he watched in silence, he was having a conversation with the Lord about the mission. He was checking off in his mind everything that the Lord had done leading up to this point for this to be a success. So, he watched in silence.

You have to do exactly what this servant did. You must look back over the past events in silence to see how God orchestrated your steps to get you to where you are today. He had to line up the right people for you to meet, if only for a season. He had to make sure you were at a certain place to encounter the information you needed to hear. He had to make sure you arrived at the right time.

So remember don’t move to quickly, wait, and watch God’s hand in how He has given you success in your Mission. Then thank Him for His Goodness!