Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3)

As a society we don’t like to be called poor, because it means lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society. This is a carnal mind perspective. A mindset that has you living in the natural, instead of the spiritual. If you are going to experience all that God has prepared for you, there has to be a shift in your mindset.

The Carnal Mindset says; you are in a worse than usual, worse than expected, undesirable; of a low or inferior standard of quality.The Spiritual Mindset says; as you acknowledge your spiritual poverty, you are in the best position to experience God’s blessing and enjoy His Kingdom.

  • Because you feel like you don’t have or know enough about God ( You’re in poverty) so you seek after him
  • Because you aren’t experiencing God’s presence (You’re in poverty) so you make time for him in your schedule
  • Because you don’t feel like you are healed (You’re in poverty) you find scriptures about healing
  • Because you desire a spouse, but the timing hasn’t arrived (You’re in poverty) so you use the time and allow God to do a perfect work in you

You are blessed abundantly! Being poor in spirit is a blessing! You’re seeking after that void, space, or gap in your life that only God can fill. That is what being poor in spirit is all about! Its about being BLESSED!