Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? (Matthew 6:27)

Worshipping God exalts Him, magnifies Him, but not only that it gives God an opportunity to move on your behalf. When you worry it gives the enemy the permission to move against you. Stop worrying and trying to control things! It’s all about control! You spend time playing the enemy’s lies in your mind over and over again. Let God do the controlling! Let Go! God promises in Isaiah 26:3 that He will keep you in perfect peace when you keep your mind fixed on Him, not your problems. So, when you get the urge to worry, use it as a reminder to turn your face to God and focus on the blessings that you have in your life.

Take a moment right now and begin worshipping and thanking God for his good and special moments in your life. Thank him for his promises! God cares, so cast the things that concern you unto to him.