When they heard that Jesus was coming that way, they began shouting, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”(Matthew 20:30).

When the blind men heard that Jesus was coming, they began shouting! What are you doing; Jesus is coming and calling you to live a life of obedience to His Word; Jesus is calling you to stop shacking; Jesus is calling you to do your job with excellence; Jesus is calling you to control your anger (it’s not that serious and your anger can’t change the outcome); Jesus is calling you to stop calling out faults of others, and deal with your own faults. Jesus is coming and He requires you to activate your faith in your life. 

These men had great faith, and they were not ashamed to ask for God’s mercy. Ask for God’s mercy on your situation, it didn’t stop them, don’t let it stop you. It will require an out of the ordinary experience!”

When you do something out of the ordinary your faith is being released. The two blind men were shouting Son of David because of their faith in Jesus. They heard He had to power to change a situation. They wanted their situation changed. The people wanted them to shut up, exactly like people in your life, that’s questioning your dreams, and your expectations of Jesus. It didn’t stop them, don’t let it stop you! The more they said be quiet! The louder they got!

The enemy is telling you right now that you can’t do what God has placed in your Spirit. Bind his mouth shut with the Word of God! Close your mind to the enemy and stop allowing him to schedule meetings, and play dates with your thoughts! When you do Jesus will stop and lay his hand on your concern because He is deeply moved by your faith and opportunities will be open to you that no man can shut!

Son of David, have Mercy on Us!