IMG_1789Samuel did not yet know the Lord because he had never had a message from the Lord before ( 1 Samuel 3:7 ).

Have you ever received a message from the Lord? What did you do or say? Eli gave Samuel the best advice: When God speaks to you, tell Him you’re listening. For Samuel, this was the beginning of a long life as God’s servant.

Knowing the Lord begins with that overwhelming feeling that something is going on within you, and you can’t explain it. You may be headed in one direction, and your spirit is telling you through His Word that your life needs to go in another direction. Often God will use someone else to convey the message. Deep down you already know things aren’t right; but in that moment, you hear God speak your name. His Spirit cries out to you. That’s the time to listen. That’s the time to start living for Him and experiencing the life He has planned for you.

Are you listening?