IMG_1789When King David heard what had happened, he was angry (2Samuel 13:21).

God told David when He forgave his sin with Bathsheba that there would be ongoing consequences in his family. The events with Amnon, Tamar, Absalom, and later, Adonijah, all reveal that David struggled in his role as a father. He didn’t discipline well. His children were out of control.

When you settle your past with God, you can’t close your eyes or minds to the possibility of having to deal with things you have already set in motion. Life doesn’t stop when God forgives you. Your responsibilities and challenges continue. David the king still needed to learn how to be David, the father. There are always lessons to learn, and many of them are painful. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a daily relationship with God rather than a crisis relationship with Him. If you wait until things are a mess before you turn to God, you will not discover how much He can help you be the person He designed you to be each day. God isn’t just there so you can turn to Him when you need Him; He is there because you always need Him.