20Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep and guard you on the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.
(Exodus 23:20)
I don’t ever talk a vacation without planning, researching and preparing the way. This is also what God desires when we are traveling to  where He is taking us. We must be equipped with all the necessities that we will experience on our journey.  What’s in your suit case?
God is preparing a place for you! That’s good news! How are you preparing for your new season? To prepare for you new season, live as if you are already there. Think on the thoughts that God has placed in your spirit about where you are headed.  Pack  prayer, worship, thanksgiving and His Word.
God wants to make sure you are ready! He will speak quietly to your spirit and ask you to do something out of the ordinary to see if you will listen first, then obey. As you do God will dispatch His Angel on your behalf, Amen! He has given this Angel a specific assignment, “Go before my child along the way I have prepared, keep watch and guard the places that must be traveled. Make every crooked place straight and every rough place smooth.” That’s comfort to me! God is so concerned about us that He assigns an Angel on our behalf. That’s love! He has already packed our suitcase!
So take comfort in knowing that you are never alone on your journey. God is preparing you, for your prepared place as you carry and seek Him along the way!