But Peter and the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than human authority.” (Acts 5:29)

I’m reminded of this story about an Executive Administrator that is the first face you see when you are summoned to the President’s office(A Christian). This particular day a woman entered very distressed and perplexed, as many are when they are called to the President’s office. But this day was different, (The Holy Spirit whispered to her) The Executive Administrator who is a Christian and lives each day boldly by example for the Lord. So being in a public office seated outside of her bosses office(The President of the company), she decided (at the Holy Spirit’s prompting) that she would obey God and pray with this woman before she entered the office of authority. She knew this was something that she shouldn’t do, because at any moment the President would walk out of the office, see and later reprimand her. It didn’t matter to her because God spoke to her spirit to pray for this woman before she entered the office with the President. Sure enough the President witnessed this endeavor, and the Exe. Admin was summoned to her bosses office at the end of the day. The President was upset with her about what she did and reprimanded her about her actions. The Exe Admin replied, ” I understand, but with all due respect the God I served gave me this position and He will surely provide another one. ” The President couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She became humbled by the power of the Holy Spirit, and apologized for her erratic actions and words that she said to the Admin.

My point is Who will you obey? God, or human authority? The Exe. Admin may have been perplexed, but was secure in her faith and ready to stand in obedience to God. As a result she is still working at the same location and serving God. God takes care of his own, when you are obedient to His Word!

We too must be witnesses of these things and so is the Holy Spirit, who is given by God to those who obey him. (Acts 5: 32) This story blessed me, I pray it does the same for you! 

~Revdsc  #hisheardesiresyou!