I will do this because Abraham listened to me and obeyed all my requirements, commands, decrees, and instructions . (Genesis 26:5)

God is speaking to Isaac, Abraham’s son. He is letting him know that what he is about to do he will be successful in, because of his father’s obedience. Isn’t it wonderful to know that our children will be blessed because of our obedience to the Lord. Make sure you are studying and listening to the instructions of the lord. Following his commandments and decrees. Your children will benefit greatly!

So, I challenge you in the year of 2016 to strengthen you relationship with God. Understand what his instructions are for your life. Make sure your children are seeing you following the ways of the Lord; at home, in your car the music you’re listening to, at the mall when you want to react to poor customer service, movies & TV shows that you watch, and how you treat others. Your children are soaking it up! Make a promise that they will soak up a powerful and impactful relationship with God! They will be blessed because of your obedience, AMEN!

~Revdsc    #hisheartdesiresyou