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If you are wondering why a dream or expectation hasn’t  materialized yet, it maybe because you need to go through a humbling encounter with the Lord. God wants to test you to see if you are ready. How? He may remove somethings from your life to test your character. Are you willing to obey when everything around you is failing and falling apart.

  • When your child is disobedient
  • Your paycheck is short
  • Your health is failing
  • Your husband / or wife is lost in his/her sinful activities
  • Your car breaks down
  • You’ve lost a dear relative or friend

God wants to know if He can trust you to be a good steward and obey His commands. After He observes your humility in these areas than get ready and prepare to enter and occupy the land the Lord swore to give your ancestors.(Deut 8:1)

~Revdsc   #hisheartdesiresyou