Dr. Jené Walker

Seven (7) marks completion and perfection. A 21-day fast is a cycle of “three” sevens. God has completed and perfected things in your life already at the end of these seven days of fasting. You’ve seen the power of the Trinity (3) – the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit – the Triune (3) God throughout the seven days and you still haven’t seen anything yet.

Because of your sacrifice and obedience, the devil is angry. Some of you have sent me private messages, emails, or made phone calls to share that the enemy started his attacks on day one (1) of the fast. However, nearing the end of perfection or completion, day seven (7), more of you begin to experience attacks that were unbelievable- but not really. We knew going in that this would be warfare and we also know that the battle is not over.

You’ve already begun to see…

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