Week 2 of our Fast. This weeks focus is on faith! Read and be blessed!

Dr. Jené Walker

God has given us a strong fasting foundation. He has also given us a strong spiritual foundation. The first week of our fast prepared us for the warfare we’re engaged in not only throughout the fast but also through the entire year. Week two will further equip us for the fast and the 2016 year. Because we are going to need faith to believe that the vision God has given and is still revealing will actually come to pass, God led me to focus on faith this week and how to havea posture of faith.

The scriptural focus for this week is Hebrews Chapter 11 and Mark Chapter 9 (KJV). Continue to respond to your reading, your journal writing topics, and the events throughout your fast each day in your journal. Since the fruit of the spirit that we’re focusing on this week is “faith,” what do you think the…

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