You shall have no other gods before Me. (Exodus 20:3)

You will always have some type of relationship with God. Exactly what kind is the burning question? Is your heart desiring that you place Him first in your life, or have you not made room for Jesus in you heart at all?  We must evaluate our relationship with God daily, reflecting on how much we are honoring him. Also evaluating if we have made room in our heart for Him. Somethings and people we have to move out of our heart because they are not healthy for us. Everyone in your life is not moving in the same direction that God is elevating you to. You may not realize it, but you have made gods out of the simple things that you desire to do, as well as people you hang out with. If you desire to do those things more than you desire to spend quite time in devotion, in worship, and in praise then you haven’t made enough space for God.

If He is first place in your life, seek Him that way. Acknowledge Him first in the morning. Allow your mind throughout the day to think on His thoughts and ways. Allow Him to handle all of your concerns each day. Talk to Him throughout your day. Making room for God has to be your number one priority. After all YOU are His number one possession!