IMG_2507“…Whatever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:4)

When Jesus performed His first miracle, He was at a wedding celebration. his mother knew that in order to see His power at work, there was one key: “Whatever He says, do it.” It’s the same way with us today. Our obedience opens the door to see His power manifest in our lives. Scripture says, “If we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land.” That tells me, I’ll experience God’s abundant blessing when I follow His commands.

“Whatever He says to you, do it” it’s that simple. Obedience is major where God is concerned. If you want the benefits of being blessed it comes through obedience. 

So today if you are harboring unforgiveness in your heart, but you are being obedient in tithing and praying to be debt free, that unforgiveness in your heart will delay your blessing. Pay attention to the small disobedient areas in your life. They are blocking all God has for you. Seek forgiveness NOW!