IMG_0811I will maintain my innocence without wavering. My conscience is clear for as long as I live. (Job 27:6)

When you follow and obey God’s word, a clear conscience is your reward. Job was able to declare that his conscience was clear. You must be determined to live right before God, so that your conscience will forever be clear.

When I have done the right thing, or said the right thing, or loved people through their mess, I feel better. I feel better about myself, my life, and about my future. I don’t want to feel the weight of a guilty conscience! That’s punishment in and of itself!

You are able to keep your conscience clear when you study God’s Word and meditate on his promises. You must also live and obey the word and you will honor Jesus as you walk with him. When you take this step of faith the earthly rewards will always surround you, and your heavenly rewards are waiting for you.