IMG_2579Therefore humble yourselves under the might hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. (1Peter 5:6)

God’s Timing!

If we are going to stand as men and women of faith, it’s imperative that we learn to trust God’s timing! We think we have all the answers about how to get what we desire, and we are always tempted to get things moving. That’s who we are and how God made us. And because He made us He knows what’s best for us.

God has a plan for you, but it’s His plan and His timing! You must continue to believe no matter how long it takes. Your assignment is to trust God and wait patiently for Him to reveal Himself to you. While you are waiting for the plan to be revealed walk in faith without doubt and never lose hope.

In the Bible there are leaders that always had to wait before they made a move. They spent time seeking God’s wisdom. God often had them wait for years before He gave them instructions on when to act.

Wait on the Lord and you will be exalted in due time!