Acts of the Apostles 20:24

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Your assignment matters! Don’t give up on the gift that God has given you. Fan the flame to get it started again. Revisit that dream or vision that spoke so vividly in your spirit during the night after you prayed. You must finish the assignment that He gave you. Nothing should be more important than doing the work the Lord has given you. 

Maybe you think the Lord hasn’t given you anything. Pray and ask God to reveal it to you. Seek His face and ask for a greater revelation of His Word and your assignment. We must tell others about the grace of God.

I just left Starbucks on my journey back home.  I often spend time during the summer months studying there. Today I witness as I was running in to pick up a cup of coffee a man sitting with a sign that said, “May I pray for you?” He had a man sitting with him that he was ministering to. I thought Oh My God! I was so excited about what I was witnessing! I literally wanted to interrupt him and shake his hand. He found a different way to do the assignment that God had given him.

I’m ready to post my own sign in Starbucks! Won’t you join me as we work toward completing the task that God has given us?

Revdsc🎀Born of His Heart Ministries