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My Spiritual Awakening Moment! — June 30, 2018

My Spiritual Awakening Moment!

This was given to me by someone who listens to my broadcast on Sat. mornings. That attends my church and is so not afraid to worship God in Spirit and on Truth!

Well I just opened the Bible today to see just what this verse of scripture says.

This verse spoke to me on so many levels:

1. Your life is an example to others.

2. I’m blessed because of whom I’ve decided to try to pattern my life after and serve.

3. That I must continue to do the Will of God through every page and chapter in the book of my life. Because God is going to continue to edit and re-edit every level He is moving me to. OMG 😮

So I leave you with this; earnestly seek God and you will find your hearts desire.

Delight in the Lord each day of your life and He will provide the desires of your heart (Psalms)


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